Highlands Academy

5901 NW 1st Street 
Lincoln, NE 68521 
Email: highlandschildcare02@gmail.com

Components of a Quality Program

*A schedule that meets young children's needs for routine, but is flexible enough to meet the needs of each child.

*Staff that not only appear to be patient and friendly, but also seem to enjoy their work.

*Staff that are knowledgeable in child development and are engaged in ongoing training.

*Parents are encouraged to observe, discuss policies, make suggestions, and participate in the program.

*A wide variety of develomentally appropriate materials, equipment, and activities, both inside and outside, are available.

*Community resources are used to support the program and families.

*Nutritious meals and snacks are served.

*The indoor and outdoor environments are clean and safe.

*Program has a written philosophy around which the curriculum is based.

*Transportation, when provided, uses appropriate seat belts and car seats.

*Developmentally appropriate self-help skills are taught and incorporated into the daily schedule.

*Communication with families occurs on a regular basis through notes, newsletters, parent information boards, individual contact, and parent conferences.

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